10 Chamomile Tea Varieties Everyone Should Try

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Chamomile tea is a derivative of its flower part. This has long been celebrated for its beauty and medicinal properties. In our first article we looked at a number of these benefits and how they can help many and varied ailments. You can read the article by following this link or using the menu on the right side. The chamomile flower physically resembles a daisy with yellow discs and white petals. This beautiful flower, which is a native of North America, Australia, Europe and Asia, blossoms during summer.


German Chamomile: Effectiveness, Safety, Precautions and Dosage

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German chamomile is a medicinal herb. People make use of its flower head to heal numerous kinds of both mild and severe diseases. The herb is utilized for sleeping troubles, restlessness, fibromyalgia, ADHD, nervous diarrhea, hay fever, stuffy nose, travel sickness and intestinal gas. It is also used to relieve menstrual cramps, colic, stomach ulcers and digestive system related diseases.


Can Chamomile Tea Be Taken With Pharmaceutical Medications?

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Chamomile has been considered one of the most easy-to-find medicinal herbs and is popular for its ability to treat mouth sores, anxiety, insomnia and sore throat safely. While this plant is acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration as “generally safe”, the plant still carries with it unsafe interactions and camomile tea side effects. However, there are safety guidelines which consumers can use to effectively and safely treat common diseases without having to resort to pharmaceutical medication.


Is Chamomile Tea Safe For Pregnant Women?

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A lot of people love herbal teas not only because it tastes good, but mainly because it can provide several health benefits. However, adding a new variety of herbal tea into the cupboard, chamomile for instance, for the purpose of experiencing better sleep needs extra precautions. It is always advisable to visit a healthcare provider and consult about this herbal tea first, especially regarding chamomile pregnancy effects.